residential air conditioning maintenance

Annual residential air conditioning maintenance on your existing system is essential to maintaining optimal operating efficiency in keeping your utility bills as low as possible per design of your system. Regular maintenance also helps in preventing break downs at the most inconvenient times such as extreme temperatures, weekends, and holidays.

We offer Annual Maintenance Plans customized for your home or business so you have the peace of mind that your furnace or air conditioning system has been thoroughly and professionally serviced and inspected by a licensed and certified contractor.

Some contractors offer “Annual Specials” for a low price just to get through your front door in hopes of finding something wrong with your system or to sell you a new system you may not need. Don’t buy into their gimmicks… We will not only inspect your heating and air conditioning system to ensure that its safe, but we will actually service it as well so that it is operating at peak designed performance.

In addition we perform a FREE carbon monoxide test on every system for the safety of family and employees.

Join “Get On The List” Club: The Importance of a Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Program

With Northern Indiana extreme cold winters and hot and humid summers this puts a lot of stress on even the most expensive residential air conditioning system. While an average life expectancy is 10–20 years for most HVAC systems, one that is not regularly inspected and maintained can experience an abnormally high number of breakdowns leading to excessive costs.

That’s where TCS Heating and Air Conditioning annual maintenance plan comes in. Preventative maintenance for your HVAC system ensures more efficient operation of your HVAC system, lower energy costs, a longer life span for your entire system, and fewer breakdowns when you can least afford it. It’s peace of mind for a system you rely on every single day.

Benefits to Members of “Get On The List” Club: What HVAC Maintenance Entails

Service plans are available in different formats – with monthly or annual payments and with a wide array of different services included. Standard HVAC maintenance plans from TCS Heating and Air Conditioning include:

  • NO Overtime Diagnostic Fee: Always $65.00 (excludes Holidays).
  • NO Overtime charges for repairs (excludes Holidays).
  • Preferred Pricing for all repair and replacement services.
  • High priority response time.
  • Save Money – Equipment runs at peak performance.
  • Save Energy – Equipment runs most efficiently = lower monthly energy costs.
  • Extends the life of your equipment.
  • Protects your equipment warranty with the manufacturer.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Prevents most breakdowns.
  • Improve Safety.
  • We contact you to schedule tune–ups for your cooling and heating system each year (two per year).
  • Transferable to your new home (when located within our service area).

With a maintenance plan you know your HVAC system will work as needed throughout the hottest days of summer and the coolest days of winter each year, as well as the lowered costs and preferred pricing and availability of one of our quality service plans. On top of all this, you can transfer your service plan between old and new systems if you decide at any point to have TCS Heating and Air Conditioning install a new, higher efficiency heating or air conditioning system for your home.

If you are ready to have your heating and air conditioning system maintained by the company trusted by more of your neighbors than anyone else, call TCS today and setup your annual cleaning and inspection. We are standing by and ready to take your call and get your home the service and care it needs to remain comfortable and safe for years to come.

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